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The services of many professionals are required in any successful real estate transaction and the quality of those services can make a very big difference in the satisfactory outcome. In a rural area such as Manton it is a challenge to find the right people for the job. I thought it would be useful to both Sellers and Buyers to have access to a list of real estate professionals who, in my opinion, have provided superior service in Manton recently. These are suggestions based on my personal experience or that of my clients.

Home Inspection

Brian McLaughlin is a licensed contractor with extensive building experience. His detailed knowledge of electrical and plumbing is a big plus when crawling under the house. Brian produces a very thorough report complete with many color photos of details which need attention. Without a doubt Brian offers the best home inpection service I have yet encountered. Contact: McLaughlin Property Inspections, Certified CREIA Inspector, 530-356-7751. His e-mail is 


Appraisal is a critical component of transactions which require a loan and can be particularly challenging in Manton due to water issues. Lenders usually require proof of well and septic in rural areas, but many homes on Manton have "ditch" water as their sole supply. The value of water is a key factor in properly appraising the value of Manton properties. When I did a refi on my personal residence I used Webber Appraisal. The estimate came in a little low, but still well within acceptable parameters for my lender. 


Highly recommended in any situation involving fence lines or questionable property boundaries, a property survey is not cheap, but could save you many thousands of dollars in legal fees at a later date. Always choose a licensed surveyor. I recommend Robertson and Dominick in Red Bluff at (530) 529-3560. Their website is

Water Analysis

This is a key factor! You must demonstrate potable water for loan approval and be aware of acceptable water treatment systems in cases when the water is questionable. The place to start are labs which test water. Basic Lab in Redding is the one to use. Their phone is (530) 243-7234 and their website is You can also e-mail them at You must use their sample collection kit and follow all instructions for obtaining the sample very carefully.

Well Inspection and/or Drilling

Don's Drilling of Shingletown has many years of experience drilling and servicing wells in Manton and Shingletown. You can hire Don to check out your well and test for GPM, gallons per minute. His phone is (530) 474-5300. Don is an old-timer who knows his stuff. Drilling a new well is a big expense and challenge in our volcanic terrain, so you want someone who knows about lava tubes and volcanic tuff. Don's the man.

Well Log Information

The State of California requires every well driller to file a report with the Department of Water Resources when a new well is completed. This well report contains info on the depth of the well, the types of materials encountered while drilling, and the production of the well in gallons per minute. This information is not in the public domain and can only be obtained by written authorization of the property owner on an official request form from the DWR. To obtain this request form, contact the Department of Water Resources, Northern Region office on North Main Street in Red Bluff. The contact person is April Scholzen and the phone is (530) 529-7368. You can request this form from April by e-mailing her at Be sure to fill out the form carefully and completely and obtain the property owner's signature, otherwise you will not be successful.

Septic Inspection

Welch Enterprises, Inc. of Redding is the one I use for my own home and for all septic system inspections. Their phone is (530) 241-4287 and their website is Call for an appointment and pricing info.

Chimney and Wood Stove Inspection

Bob Ferrari is excellent. Very thorough and professional, Flue Season is C.S.I.A certified and a licensed contractor CA#510706. Offers free advice and a variety of services. I have used Flue Season for my own home. Call 530-221-3331.

Tom  Knight